I hear the dental team referring to teeth by number.  What is this?


I Don't like my Teeth.  What can be Done?

  • It depends on your situation, but with modern dentistry, a healthy looking smile is possible for most anyone.
  • Make sure to let us know what your concerns are and your goal you want your treatment to achieve.
  • Sometimes simply whitening and reshaping the teeth is all that is required.
  • If you have crooked or crowded teeth, invisible braces might be in order.
  • Othertimes care is more complicated and phased treatment over a period of time is required.

Why Do I need a Crown?  Why can't it just be filled? 

  • Teeth are crystals in structure and get fractures or cracks over time just like the glass windshield on your car.  Sometimes these cracks run deep into the tooth and crowns must be placed to tie the tooth together and keep the crack from propogating.
  • When you have larger fillings or tooth decay, the structure of the tooth becomes compromised and more fragile. A filling may be possible as a temporary fix but replacement with a crown is the more permanent answer.  
  • The earlier these problems are detected and addressed the more conservative and smaller the final restorative outcome can be, ie. an onlay or patial crown.

When will my child's teeth come in and fall out?