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Treatment and Services

Dental Implants

Implants are usually used to replace missing teeth. They work by placing a socket in the jawbone where a rod can be attached to support a fabricated tooth or bridge. The process is often performed under local anesthesia and requires several months of healing prior to final crown placement. Implants can restore your oral function and fill in missing gaps where teeth were lost.

Surgical Placement of Implants

Implants are replacement tooth roots made out of medical-grade titanium, just like an artificial knee or hip. These are placed into the jaw bone and allowed to heal before restoring with a permanent replacement tooth. Dr. Goslin provides full-service implant therapy from extraction and bone grafting to surgical placement of the implant and final restoration.

Restoration of Existing Implants

Some patients already have previously placed implants that require restoration, or they need a new or different prosthesis. Under certain circumstances, Dr. Goslin can convert removable dentures into fixed crowns and bridges. There are cases that require implant placement at a specialist’s facility depending on the patient’s desire for full sedation or other variables. In this case, Dr. Goslin integrates his preparation and final restoration plan with the surgical portion performed by the specialist.