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Treatment and Services

Prosthetic Dentistry

With today’s advancements in dental care and technology, more people can retain their natural teeth than ever before. Still, adult tooth loss remains a significant issue. For some patients, even strict preventive dental care and timely restorative treatment may not save all of their teeth, especially in the cases of accidental trauma. Prosthetic dentistry provides a variety of lifelike replacement teeth so you can once again enjoy a beautiful, youthful smile after suffering from tooth loss.


An oral appliance that replaces the hard and soft tissues of the root of the mouth often missing from trauma or cancer.

Full Dentures

Dentures are custom-made artificial teeth that can replace all of your damaged or missing natural teeth.

Telescopic Prostheses

Telescopic prosthesis is a type of dentures that remains completely fixed and stable in your mouth.

Partials Dentures

Partial dentures are sculpted models that can replace part of your damaged or missing teeth. There are two types of partial dentures: fixed dentures (permanent bridges) and removable dentures.